Michael R. Steer, Esq.

WGKMichaelSteerBefore turning to the profession of law, Michael was an entrepreneur for twenty years, owning businesses in the fields of automotive electronics, computer networks, and well water.

After holding degrees in Business Administration and Finance, Michael earned a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore School of Law in December 2008, while adding certificates in Intellectual Property, Business Law, and Litigation. In addition, Michael was a member of the National Moot Court Team and the Intellectual Property Law Journal.

In the Appellate Practice Clinic at the University of Baltimore, Michael successfully argued before the Court of Special Appeals winning his client a new trial. When the Court of Appeals granted certiorari for a second appeal, Michael was asked to continue the matter before Maryland’s highest court. Successful again, the Court of Appeals affirmed the decision below, and earned Michael a published opinion during his first year in practice. State v. Davis, 415 Md. 22, 997 A.2d 780 (2010).

After passing the bar exam in 2009, Michael was asked to teach for Shemer Bar Review, Maryland”s leading bar preparation course.

Michael’s practice focuses on personal injury and family law.