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Whatever the reason- a lost job, or injury or illness – suddenly, despite the best intentions and effort, people find they cannot pay their bills.  Debt can be incredibly stressful.  Creditors and collection agencies will constantly call and demand payment. Paychecks can be garnished, or assets seized, making things worse. 

Bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. However, the process of filing bankruptcy and getting your debts discharged is complicated. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

For more than 40 years, the Baltimore bankruptcy lawyers at William G. Kolodner Personal Injury Lawyers have been dedicated to helping members of our community get back on their feet and take a new hold on life. Contact our Baltimore offices today at 410-837-2144 to discuss your financial situation and how we can help you through the bankruptcy process. 

Why Do I Need a Lawyer If I Want to File Bankruptcy in Baltimore?

There are many more important details that cannot be explained in this brief introduction. We urge everyone who finds themselves at the point where they can reasonably anticipate a difficult time making ends meet to talk to us. Many people contact us well past the point where we can be most effective. They have spent hours on the phone with creditors in a fruitless attempt to work out a payment plan. They have hired companies to try to consolidate debts only to find that they still cannot afford to make these payments, or one crucial creditor won’t agree to participate. They have thrown money at bills they can never hope to pay and depleted assets that they could have protected from creditors, such as, most importantly, their retirement assets.

The moment you file, collection efforts, including court actions must stop.  Under certain circumstances, we can help you get refunds of assets, including garnished funds.  Depending on which type of bankruptcy case is filed, you might be able to reduce your car payments or avoid liens on your property.

Many famous and successful Americans have made use of Bankruptcy to gain a fresh start, including Walt Disney, Johnny Unitas, and Henry Ford and the companies of the President of the United States.  While it is a serious step, our clients are almost always pleased that they filed, and experience tremendous relief. 

The process of filing for bankruptcy is complicated. It requires time, patience, and attention to detail.  It requires a comprehensive understanding of state and federal bankruptcy law and procedure. Knowing when to file is also vital.  Filing at the wrong time can have serious consequences.

That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced Baltimore bankruptcy attorney. The earlier we talk, the better. The initial consultation is free. 

Below, you will see a section titled Bankruptcy Basics which provides a general outline of the process. It is hardly exhaustive.  A free consultation with attorneys in our office is absolutely necessary to gain a thorough view of the ways bankruptcy could help you.  

Client Reviews

My experience at the Kolodner law firm surpassed my expectations. The staff were very nice, professional, and knowledgeable. Whenever I called with a question or concern they answered the phone and resolved my issue immediately. My attorney, Jill Kolodner called me personally, multiple times, with updates about my case.

William Matthews

Hey hey everyone I would like to say I don’t really do reviews often unless a place really deserves one . I must say that this is the best law firm in town . They are extremely professional no playing around and they get straight to the point.

James Jackson

Every interaction I have had with Hunter, at William G. Kolodner Personal Injury Lawyers, has been positive and productive. He has provided me with prompt legal help and advice in a non-judgmental and empathetic manner, which has been really appreciated in difficult situations.

Molly Roloff


Bankruptcy Basics

As stated earlier, there are generally two types of bankruptcies that are available to individuals: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Here is a simplified overview of these two. Each case is different.  Our lawyers will work with you, and thoroughly evaluate your circumstances to determine the best path for you, including not filing. 

As part of this process, we will:

  • Explore which bankruptcy option is best for you, given your income and assets and the amount and type of debts. (Not all types of debts are dischargeable)  
  • Help you understand the bankruptcy process, step by step
  • Carefully evaluate your assets, liabilities, and income
  • Determine all available exemptions to protect your assets
  • Complete and submit a bankruptcy petition on your behalf
  • Handle all communication with the bankruptcy court and creditors, and
  • Represent you at Trustee meetings and court hearings
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Chapter 13 /Reorganization

Some filers are required to file a Chapter 13 rather than a Chapter 7 because they have higher incomes.  Also, you may file a Chapter 13 in order to catch up on past-due secured loans like a mortgage or car loan.  In a Chapter 13, you propose a plan to pay back creditors with monthly payments, the amount based on your income, debts and expenses. It may require payments to unsecured creditors from a small percentage to up to 100%.  Secured Creditors, such as mortgages or car loans, are paid 100% of arrears existing at the time of filing. 

The Plan must be approved by the Bankruptcy Judge.  At the end of the Plan, you are discharged from the debts owed to creditors.  Generally, payments on these arrears will take place over 60 monthly payments paid to a Trustee. The Trustee will then disperse payments to the Creditors. Unsecured creditors, such as credit card companies may also receive some payments depending on an evaluation of the filer’s income, assets, and expenses. 

Give us a call to find out how we can help you through the bankruptcy process.