After a car accident in Baltimore, Maryland, one of your first concerns may be the cost of hiring a lawyer. Many people wonder, “How much do car accident lawyers charge in Maryland?” 

An attorney can help you seek compensation for accident-related injuries, property damage, and other losses. At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, our Baltimore car wreck lawyers represent injured clients on a contingency fee to make car accident attorney fees affordable to everyone.

Understanding Contingency Fees in Baltimore, Maryland

A contingency fee is a unique payment structure many personal injury lawyers offer. Under this arrangement, your lawyer’s fee will be contingent upon them successfully handling your case, whether through securing a jury verdict or settlement agreement.

Their fee is usually a percentage of the compensation awarded to you, ranging from 33 to 40 percent, according to the American Bar Association (ABA). The fee charged can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the stage at which it is resolved.

Benefits of the Contingency Fee in Baltimore, Maryland

When considering hiring a lawyer after a car accident in Maryland, one of the most significant factors is attorney’s fees. The contingency fee offers advantages that can benefit clients as they navigate their recovery. Some of these benefits include:

  • No Upfront Costs: One of the primary advantages of the contingency fee is the elimination of upfront legal fees. This benefits clients who may not have the resources to pay an attorney a flat or hourly fee. Instead, payment comes directly from their trial award or settlement.
  • Risk Mitigation: Your lawyer’s payment is contingent on a successful outcome in your case. This reduces your financial risk because you pay nothing if you do not win.
  • Aligned Interests: The contingency fee model aligns your interests with your lawyer’s. Your lawyer will be incentivized to fight for your right to maximum compensation because their fee is a percentage of the award.
  • Accessibility: This arrangement makes legal representation accessible to injured clients who cannot afford a lawyer. Regardless of your financial situation, a Baltimore car accident lawyer is a free consultation away.

The contingency fee model offers many key benefits for victims of Baltimore car accidents. It alleviates the burden of upfront legal costs but also ensures a lawyer and client’s interests are closely aligned.

Additional Costs and Expenses in Baltimore, Maryland

The contingency fee covers the lawyer’s services. However, there may be other costs associated with pursuing a Baltimore car accident claim. Clients should be aware of these common expenses:

  • Court Fees and Filing Costs: These are court-assessed fees for filing legal documents and lawsuits.
  • Costs of Gathering Evidence: These are expenses related to collecting evidence. There may be fees for obtaining police reports, medical records, or expert witnesses.
  • Administrative Expenses: These expenses can include postage or copying fees.
  • Litigation Expenses: Going to trial may present additional costs. You may be responsible for expenses associated with hiring a reporter or preparing a transcript of your testimony.

Many of these fees can be deducted from your trial or settlement award, but it depends on the terms of the contingency fee agreement between you and your lawyer. 

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Hiring a car accident lawyer on a contingency fee basis makes representation affordable for anyone after a collision. It allows clients to access legal services without the burden of paying an attorney upfront or by the hour.

Our car accident lawyers at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers will explain the fees you may be responsible for during a free initial consultation. We will also discuss the factors that influence the contingency fee we may charge in your case, such as contested liability, the number of parties involved, and the overall complexity of your case.

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