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Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you or a loved one been injured in a Baltimore car accident? Are you struggling to get back on your feet because someone else was negligent? Since 1977, the Baltimore personal injury lawyers at William G. Kolodner have been helping people in Maryland get the money they deserve after an accident. In that time, we’ve gained a reputation as an experienced and trusted legal team. We handle all personal injury claims, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, slip & fall cases, and more.

When you feel like you’ve been kicked to the curb by insurance companies, hospitals, or other entities that value money over your well-being, you want William G. Kolodner in your corner. We’ve been fierce advocates for injury victims in Baltimore, Maryland for a long time – three generations, in fact.

Collectively, our personal injury lawyers have more than 100 years of experience and have recovered millions in compensation for clients just like you.

Call us today to learn more about your case. Our attorneys are available to meet you in our downtown Baltimore office and we offer home and hospital visits as well as virtual consultations throughout Maryland. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.

Proven Experience


Verdict in child abuse death case


Confidential settlement in automobile accident and defective product case.


Medical Malpractice action, which resulted from an anesthesia-related death.


Jury verdict in a medical malpractice case.


Settlement in rear-end collision that caused a fractured neck.


Settlement in medical malpractice action for a misdiagnosed stroke.


Premises liability settlement causing an ankle fracture.


Confidential medical malpractice settlement.


Automobile accident settlement.


Confidential settlement for children injured on playground.

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Client Reviews

Your Firm handled our case over thirteen years ago and Jill acted as if it had happened yesterday. When I called her, she listened patiently. I faxed her the information that I had gathered in regard to my issue. She reviewed the paperwork and took care of the issue in less than a day. Her patience, compassion and kindness is outstanding.

Thank you Jill, you are awesome! Jill is the BEST!

Yvonne White

When I was first injured I was considering trying to handle it all by myself. However as my injuries progressed a very good friend recommended Kolodner law firm. The moment I entered the office everyone seemed genuinely concerned about my health and pointed me in the right direction to receive the medical treatment needed to get better. The amount of my settlement,  while a major and most welcome surprise, was the perfect bonus and addition to the top notch care and medical treatment received.

Lisa Mitchell

I started recommending Bill to friends, relatives and listeners. Every person who’s gone to see Bill for legal advice has thanked me. The comments I’ve gotten have ranged from a friend who told me Bill and his attorneys helped him put his life back together after he had to declare bankruptcy to the woman who said that Bill was always there for her no matter what when she was in an automobile accident and badly hurt.

Lee Michaels


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Common Types of Personal Injury Cases in Baltimore, Maryland

Car Accidents

Driving in Baltimore can be dangerous. In fact, Baltimore is known for having some of the nation’s worst drivers. Unfortunately, insurance companies won’t rush to your aid after a crash. They’ll make you jump through hoops and complicate the claims process. Once our attorneys get involved, however, things will change. We’ll fight to hold insurers and at-fault parties fully accountable by backing our demands with solid evidence, expert testimony, and hard facts.

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Bicycle Accidents

Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Its infrastructure was designed long before bicycles were used as a primary form of transportation. This means that many roads don’t have bike lanes or safety barriers. In turn, cyclists are forced into traffic with larger vehicles. When accidents occur, its the rider who tends to suffer the consequences. Our Baltimore bicycle accident attorneys know that cyclists often need compensation after an accident. We will work tirelessly to help you maximize your recovery from all at-fault parties.

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Wrongful Death

Accidents in Baltimore, unfortunately, can result in the worst outcome: death. This can be devastating for the families of these victims. While money won’t bring a loved one back, it can make a massive difference in the years to come. Our passionate legal team is here to help you file a Maryland wrongful death claim and seek full compensation from anyone who played a role in your loved one’s tragic death.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

After a slip and fall accident in Baltimore, owners will go to great lengths to deny responsibility for your injuries. So, you’ll have to have evidence to prove the owner was negligent in the maintenance and care of the premises. Our attorneys will dig deep as we conduct an exhaustive investigation into your accident. We’ll speak with witnesses, obtain security footage, and work with experts to get the proof that’s needed to get you the money you deserve.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are often blamed for the accidents in which they’re involved. However, these claims of fault aren’t always true. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, our attorneys will fight to respond to these claims and protect your rights.

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Truck Accidents

When a truck is involved in a collision in Baltimore, the consequences can be catastrophic. Physical injuries can be debilitating. The trauma of the crash can cause extensive emotional distress. The financial costs can be astronomical. Following an accident, the negligent truck driver and/or their employer must be held legally and financially accountable. Our Maryland accident attorneys will roll up our sleeves and work diligently for you.

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Uber Accidents

Taking an Uber might be convenient. However, it’s not the safest way to get around Baltimore. Rideshare drivers are perhaps the most distracted motorists on the road. Following an accident, getting money can be complicated. This is true, in part, because rideshare companies will deny any responsibility for your injuries. So, you deserve to work with attorneys who will aggressively pursue damages from all liable parties – including the driver, insurance companies, manufacturers, and others on the road.

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Dog Bites

Even friendly dogs can be vicious. When a dog bites, it’s the owner who should shoulder the responsibility for any injuries or harm that results. Our lawyers will aggressively pursue compensation from the dog’s owner, as well as anyone else whose negligence might have put you in harm’s way.

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And More

At William G. Kolodner P.A., we know that all injuries – big and small – can change the course of your life forever. We also know what an impact a financial settlement or award can have in the short term and for years to come. That’s why we’re committed to helping all injury victims in Baltimore. We represent clients in injury cases involving defective products, medical negligence, workers’ compensation, workplace accidents, bankruptcy, and more. To find out more, just give our law office a call or connect with us online today. 

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Why Should You Hire A Maryland Personal Injury Attorney

It’s the Last Thing Insurers Want

You Deserve to Benefit From Experts

We Know You Need Time to Recover

We’re More Than Ready For Trial

There’s No Fee Until We Win

For more than 42 years, William G. Kolodner P.A. has been dedicated to representing injury victims across the city of Baltimore, MD. During that time, we’ve made quite a name for ourselves as passionate, fierce, and successful advocates. We’ve spent countless hours fighting against the biggest and most powerful insurance companies, hospitals, and multinational corporations – and emerging with huge settlements and jury verdicts for our clients. Today, our reputation and track record are well known among our adversaries. 

For that reason, insurance companies will want you to avoid calling our Baltimore personal injury lawyers for help after you get hurt. They know things will change the moment you get our law firm involved.

Experts can make or break a personal injury case. The parties you’re going up against will certainly turn to experts for help as they attempt to deny or devalue your claim. The only way to level the playing field and give yourself the opportunity to win is to have experts working on your behalf, too. And, that’s exactly what you can expect when you call William G. Kolodner P.A. for help. 

Our attorneys know the value that accident and injury specialists can bring to a case. So, we’ve spent decades cultivating relationships with some of the most respected and renowned experts in their field. From accident reconstructionists to forensic specialists to medical doctors – we have a network of experts who can provide critical insight into the cases we handle. When your claim for compensation is backed with reputable expert testimony, you can rest assured that you’ll have a great opportunity to get all of the money you deserve.

Putting physical injuries aside, an unexpected accident can be traumatic. It can be incredibly jarring and upsetting. You need – and deserve – time to heal. That can be quite difficult to do if you’re attempting to navigate a contested legal claim for damages. That’s why our team of compassionate and caring attorneys are prepared to handle your case from start to finish.

When a member of our community is hurt, we’ll be there to fight for them. We’ll investigate. We’ll handle the curveballs insurance companies and at-fault parties try to throw your way. We will do everything in our collective power to help you secure a meaningful and substantial monetary recovery. You just focus on you.

Most personal injury cases settle. We will work diligently to negotiate a swift and sizable settlement on your behalf. However, we’ll never compromise quality or advise you to accept less money than you deserve just to get a win. Instead, we’ll approach your case with care and prepare for every possibility – including the possibility of going to court.

Our attorneys are known for being highly skilled and persuasive trial lawyers. We know how to take your case, craft it for a jury, and tell a winning story. That’s how we’ve secured significant verdicts for countless clients. And, it’s our reputation and history of success that can benefit you today. Why? Insurance companies and other interested parties will want to avoid a showdown with us before a judge or jury. So, they’ll be motivated to extend a favorable settlement your way.

You’re hurting right now. You’re overwhelmed. If your injuries are particularly severe, you might not be able to work. In turn, you might be having trouble making ends meet. The last thing you can afford is a lawyer, right? Not when you choose William G. Kolodner P.A. We work on contingency, which means that there’s no fee unless and until we win your case.

Hire Our Compassionate Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers

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Experienced Attorneys Fighting For You

Have you recently been injured in an accident in Baltimore, MD? Do you feel like insurance companies are making things more difficult than they have to be? They probably are. That’s because insurance companies are more interested in money than in your well being.

To the Baltimore personal injury attorneys at William G. Kolodner, that’s simply unacceptable. Contact our Baltimore law office to find out how our legal team can help you get all of the money you need and deserve. We will put more than a century of experience to work for you as we fight to maximize your recovery. You’ll benefit from attorneys who truly care about you and will stop at nothing to help you get through this tough time. 

Your first consultation is 100 percent free. So, don’t hesitate to give our law firm a call to arrange a time to discuss your case today. We assist clients throughout Maryland and offer virtual consultations.

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