Car accidents can leave you with a lot of questions and concerns. One of the biggest concerns after a collision is reporting the accident.

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to car accident reports in Maryland.

Do I Have to Report a Car Accident in Maryland?

For the most part, yes, you are required to report car accidents in Maryland. However, minor car accidents with no injuries do not have to be reported in certain circumstances.

You must report a car accident in Maryland if any of the following are true:

  • An individual is injured or killed
  • A vehicle cannot be driven and requires towing
  • The accident is a hit and run
  • The accident involved a drunk driver
  • The other driver does not want to exchange information
  • The accident involved a domestic animal
  • An unattended vehicle was hit, and you cannot find the owner

If your accident does not involve any serious injury or property damage, you may be able to exchange information with the other driver without formally reporting your accident. 

How Do I Report My Maryland Car Accident?

You should call 911 after your accident to report the incident. The dispatcher will decide whether to send a police officer to the scene. 

After a car accident, you’ll have to report the accident to the police in the following cases:

  • Someone suffered an injury or was killed
  • The other driver seems to be intoxicated
  • The vehicles cannot be moved out of the road
  • The other driver does not have a driver’s license
  • A driver tries to leave the scene without first exchanging information
  • There’s been damage to public property

Maryland law requires the driver to file a statement with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration within 15 days of the accident if someone has sustained injuries or died. The statement should provide pertinent information, including evidence of liability insurance or other financial responsibility. 

If police officers investigate the accident scene, you may not have to report it since the officer will likely prepare and file a report. However, it’s best to check with your local precinct to ensure that you’re complying with state law. 

Maryland law requires you to notify law enforcement if your accident involves hitting and injuring a domestic animal. 

Why Is It Important to Report an Accident?

Reporting your accident can benefit you in the future. It creates solid evidence of the incident if you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries or property damage. Your car accident lawyer can use this information to build a strong case on your behalf.

Do I Need to Report My Car Accident to My Insurance Company?

Contractually, most insurance companies require their insured clients to report accidents. Whether the accident is minor or major, it’s best to notify your insurance company. Additionally, there is no reason not to notify your insurer if the accident was not your fault.

Are There Repercussions if I Don’t Report My Car Accident to My Insurance Company?

It is particularly common for drivers to avoid notifying their insurance of an accident for fear of increased car insurance rates in the future. While many get away with never notifying their insurance company, it is not wise to keep this information from them, as it could cause headaches in the future.

Perhaps you’re in an accident, and the other driver asks you not to report the accident, ensuring they’ll pay for the damage to your vehicle. If the driver fails to keep their promise and you report the accident to your insurance, the insurance company may deny your claim, leaving you with no compensation. 

The benefits of reporting your accident to your insurance company outweigh any risks.

After a Collision, Speak with a Maryland Car Accident Attorney

After a car accident, report your accident if necessary. Then, as soon as you can, discuss your situation with a qualified car accident attorney in Maryland. 

A lawyer can determine the best legal course of action and put you in a favorable position to get the compensation you’re owed for your losses after a car accident.

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