Before exploring how personal injury lawyers get paid, you are probably wondering if you have a personal injury case. If you watch TV, you’ve probably seen hundreds of commercials advertising the services of personal injury lawyers. But what is the basis of a personal injury case in Baltimore?

The hallmark of a personal injury case is that the injury was caused by another person. A secondary requirement is that the other person can be held legally liable for the injury caused by their negligence or their intent to cause the injury. A third requirement is that the other person’s fault or negligence can be proven in court.

Regardless of how your injury occurred, it is crucial to understand how Baltimore personal injury lawyers get paid before agreeing to hire one. 

Contingency Fee Arrangements 

While there are several ways that a Baltimore personal injury lawyer can be paid, the most common way they are compensated for a personal injury case is through a contingency fee arrangement. This is also the most advantageous arrangement for the personal injury client because it generally requires no payment upfront for the lawyer to start working on the case.

Your next question is probably: why would a personal injury lawyer take on my case for “free”?

First, be aware that not every personal lawyer will take every personal injury case on a contingency basis. The lawyer has to put his or her resources into your case, likely for several months or longer. Before you receive a settlement or it goes to trial, your personal injury lawyer must be confident that your case has a very good chance of you collecting money from your misfortune. 

When you settle or win your case, your lawyer will take a fee from the amount you recover. The contingency fee is usually 33-40 percent of your total recovery.

How Do I Know What My Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer Will Charge If I Win My Case?

There are many variations of the contingency fee agreement, and it is important to understand what, if any, fees you may incur and when you may incur them. The terms of the agreement should be in writing and signed by you and your attorney. You should carefully review the agreement and make sure to ask questions if something is unclear to you.

You must also understand the difference between fees and expenses. The “fee” is the agreed-upon percentage your personal injury lawyer will deduct from your recovery before you receive yours. 

If your lawyer has already paid all of the expenses, they can be reimbursed out of your recovery amount. These expenses may be deducted from the total amount or from the amount left after the lawyer’s fees are deducted. This distinction is important to know and should be specified in the contingency fee agreement.

What Expenses May Be Deducted from My Recovery?

The costs and expenses associated with your case will vary, but there are several categories that are usually common to every personal injury case, including the following: 

  • Court costs when you file your complaint to start your case
  • Court reporter fees if a deposition is required or a transcript from a trial is needed
  • Investigators who will examine the scene where the accident occurred, the vehicles involved in the accident, and other items that may impact the success of your case
  • Expert witnesses may be needed for services that provide the judge or jury with specific details about your case, such as accident reconstruction to demonstrate how a car accident occurred and engineers who may examine a parking lot’s surface where a slip-and-fall occurred

Your personal injury attorney should explain their case strategy and any expenses you can expect to incur. 

Contact a Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer to Learn More About Contingency Fees

Most law firms will specify on their website if they take cases on a contingency basis. Once you find the right firm, carefully review the contingency fee agreement with your lawyer to make sure you understand how each variable applies to your case. Recovering from a personal injury can be stressful and painful. Knowing that you have a personal injury lawyer handling your case can be a huge relief as you focus on yourself.

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