If you have been involved in a traffic collision, it is normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Some car accident victims wonder if they should call the police or other authorities after a crash.

Some people believe that calling the authorities is only a hassle. But it is important to call 911 after any car accident in Baltimore, MD. 

Why Call 911 After a Collision?

It is vital to contact the authorities in the moments after a car crash by calling 911. If you are unable to make the call yourself, ask someone to help. The prevalence of cell phones makes it much easier to reach the relevant authorities after a crash. In some cases, you are legally required to contact the police.

Maryland state law requires accident victims to report collisions to law enforcement. You are legally required to contact the police after car accidents resulting in:

  • The death of a driver, passenger, or pedestrian
  • Personal injuries
  • Significant property damage

Legalities aside, calling 911 after an accident may help you secure the financial recovery you deserve.

Police Reports and Proving Fault

When they arrive on the scene, the police will write a report to document the details of the crash. This police report will contain vital information that can be used in a car accident claim.

The attending officers may also investigate the scene and collect photographic evidence. If you decide to pursue a car accident claim, this report and the associated evidence can help to prove that another driver caused your accident.

When you’re pursuing damages in a traffic accident case, the other driver or their insurance provider may dispute your account of the crash. A police report can serve as powerful evidence to support your position.

Your accident attorney can use the police report to fight for maximum financial compensation in your case.

Many Insurance Companies Require Accident Reports

Even if you are not planning to file a claim against the other party, it is important to call 911. Some insurance providers require police reports before they will compensate you for accident-related damages.

Failing to report a crash may leave you without the money you need. Also, an uncooperative insurance company may dispute certain claims or points of coverage.

A trustworthy personal injury attorney in Baltimore, MD, can help you recover the money you deserve. Calling 911 after a traffic accident will ensure that an objective record of the crash exists.

Hold the Other Party Responsible

Calling the police to report your accident also helps to hold the other driver accountable. No matter how nice they seem, you should not only rely on the word of the other party.

This is especially true if they caused the accident. Getting a report from the police will guarantee that a neutral third party records the details of your collision. This will prevent the other driver from later denying your claims about the accident.

Remain at the Scene

After you call 911, remain at the site of the crash until the police arrive. Failing to remain at the scene can mean that your crash will be classified as a hit-and-run accident.

As a result, the local district attorney may choose to pursue hit-and-run charges against you. For all these reasons, it is vital to call 911 after a car accident in Baltimore, MD.

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