In shocking news for the city of Baltimore, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning, 3/26, when a container ship collided with the bridge structure. The Baltimore Fire Chief reported that at least seven people were plunged into the Patapsco River when the bridge collapsed, and possibly up to 20 people. Several vehicles are believed to be in the river, including a tractor-trailer. 

At the time of this article, two people have been rescued from the water. One was in “very serious condition” and was hospitalized with injuries. The other person was not injured. 

Cold, murky waters have made rescue efforts challenging, especially in the early morning. The Baltimore City Fire Department is calling the collapse a “mass casualty incident.” Maryland Gov. Wes Moore has declared a state of emergency regarding the incident. 

How Did the Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Happen?

A 980+ ft cargo ship named the DALI (a Singaporean container vessel) struck the bridge around 1:30 a.m. Apparently, a dark plume of smoke could be seen emitting from the ship before it veered toward the bridge.

Authorities are still investigating the collision between the cargo ship and the bridge. They have yet to determine a cause for the crash, although the Baltimore Police Commissioner has reported that it was not “intentional.” Multiple air and marine units, as well as local fire and police departments, are on the scene. 

Who Might Be Liable for the Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse?

Multiple parties may be liable for the bridge collapse, depending on the outcome of investigations into the incident. 

The cargo ship owner and/or captain may be responsible for victims’ damages and losses. The ship was inspected over 25 times since it was built in 2015. Past inspections discovered two deficiencies, including structural damage. If the ship owner failed to maintain the ship in good working condition, they could be liable for negligence. Likewise, if ship crew members caused the collision due to carelessness, inadequate training, or unlawful behavior, the ship owner may also be responsible for negligence.

There could also be other parties that share liability for the incident, including:

  • Designer(s) responsible for the bridge’s design concept
  • Engineers responsible for performing calculations related to the design
  • Builders/contractors who constructed or who are performing maintenance on the bridge
  • Inspectors responsible for performing inspections and maintenance checks
  • Government agencies that oversee the bridge’s maintenance

It’s likely that multiple parties will bear liability for a bridge collapse due to faulty construction, poor maintenance, or inadequate inspections.

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