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Recent data from the CDC reveals that nearly 50 million American women between the ages of fifteen and 49 use some form of birth control. One method used by a significant percentage of those women is intrauterine devices or IUDs. 

An IUD is a small device implanted into a woman’s uterus. The device emits a synthetic hormone that is extremely effective at preventing pregnancy. One of the most common IUDs on the market is the Mirena IUD (manufactured by Bayer). 

Mirena’s website boasts that the IUD is more than 99% effective and fully removable. However, recent lawsuits against Bayer claim that the IUD has an extensive list of serious side effects, some of which the company has hidden or at least not disclosed. 

Side Effects of Mirena IUDs

One thing some of the lawsuits claim is that both Bayer and doctors who prescribe it fail to adequately describe the seriousness of what has come to be known as the Mirena Crash

The Mirena Crash refers to a specific subset of side effects Mirena users experience when the IUD is removed.

While not every woman experiences the Mirena Crash, symptoms range from mild to very serious and include:

  • Diminished sex drive
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Delayed fertility

Other women who have had their Mirena IUD removed have reported experiencing headaches, tender breasts, hair loss, and weight gain. While exact numbers on the number of women who have experienced the Mirena Crash are not known, it is possible that it has affected thousands and even hundreds of thousands of women.

What Causes the Mirena Crash?

While Bayer has denied the existence of the Mirena Crash and claims that the IUD is safe to use, it is possible that the sudden removal forces the body to start producing its own progesterone causing a hormonal imbalance. After growing accustomed to the synthetic hormone emitted by the IUD, the body’s shock of going without it and needing to make its own hormone might cause the crash.

What makes the Mirena Crash contentious and confusing is that, while Bayer has continually denied any fault, they have paid out large sums of money to women in out-of-court-settlements. Some settlements have reportedly been as high as $12 million.

What to Do if You Have Experienced the Mirena Crash

If you or someone you know has used the Mirena IUD and recently had it removed and is experiencing any of the symptoms indicative of the Mirena Crash, you should contact a doctor immediately. While a doctor should be able to help you manage the symptoms, many doctors also deny the existence of the Mirena Crash.

No matter what your doctor says, you should also contact a skilled product liability lawyer who can help assess your case to see if you might be eligible for compensation. Because the symptoms of the Mirena Crash might force you to incur out-of-pocket medical expenses, cause you to miss work and lose wages, and cause emotional distress and/or pain and suffering, you might have the right to seek damages.

A personal injury lawyer will offer a free consultation to analyze your product liability case so you can get started risk-free. Most lawyers who handle these kinds of cases also work on a contingency basis meaning they only make money if you do.

However, if you have experienced the Mirena Crash, it is vital you contact a lawyer quickly. In Maryland, the statute of limitations for product liability cases is three years. If you wait longer than that to file a lawsuit against Bayer or any other company, you could miss out on your chance to receive the compensation you are due.

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