According to a police spokesperson, the man who was attacked in South Baltimore with a brick was identified. However, the police department is not releasing his name or his age. The man received minor injuries from the attack and did not seek medical attention.

The attack was caught on video, which went viral on social media. The video showed a man being hit on the back of the head with a brick. The police did not have a suspect at the time of the news report, but continue to investigate the assault.

Details of the Assault on a Baltimore Man with a Brick

On Sunday, August 30, 2020, police officers responded to an incident in the Sharp-Leadenhall neighborhood around 6:40 p.m. The incident occurred in the 100 block of Hamburg Street. 

The police officers nor medics found a victim at the scene when they arrived. However, police officers observed a pool of blood on the sidewalk in the area. 

When officers questioned a witness, the witness said that the attack occurred after a loud argument between two men. One man walked away. The other man picked up a brick and hit the man in the back of the head before running away.

The details given by the witness match the video of the incident that later surfaced on social media. 

Criminal Charges for Assault vs. Civil Cases for Assault

If the suspect in the video is located, he may be charged with a crime for assaulting the victim. The criminal charges depend on the circumstances and facts of the case. However, the suspect could face a variety of penalties if he is convicted, such as jail time and fines.

The suspect could also face other penalties for the assault. The victim could choose to file a civil claim for damages caused by the assault.

When most people think about personal injury cases, they tend to think of car accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, truck accidents, slip and fall cases, and pedestrian accidents. However, an assault victim can file a personal injury claim for damages caused by the assault.

An assault injury case in civil court is separate from criminal charges for assault. A victim can file a personal injury claim for assault even though the police do not charge the suspect with a crime. 

Also, the civil case is not dependent upon the outcome of the criminal case. The suspect may be acquitted in the criminal case, but the victim may still win the civil case.

Damages in a Personal Injury Claim for Assault

A victim of assault may sustain numerous injuries and damages because of the assault. The victim might sustain a brain injury, broken bones, and other injuries because of the assault. The victim may also incur financial damages as a result of the attack.

In a civil case, the victim of an assault can seek compensation for both financial and non-economic damages. The damages depend on the facts and circumstances of the case.

Common damages included in a personal injury claim for assault are:

  • Past and future medical expenses 
  • Past and future loss of income, wages, and benefits
  • Decreases in future earning potential
  • Disability, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional distress
  • Loss of quality of or enjoyment of life

The amount of compensation depends on several factors. However, the damages in a case generally increase when the person sustains a severe injury or permanent disability because of the attack.

What Should a Person Do After an Assault?

Get to a safe place and away from the attacker. Call the police immediately to report the assault. 

Even though you can file a civil case without reporting the incident to the police, having a police report of the assault can help with the civil case. You must prove that you sustained damages because of the attack to recover compensation. A defense attorney will question why you did not call the police if you were injured in an attack.

It is essential to document the injuries caused by the attack by seeking immediate medical attention. As with the police report, a defense attorney will question why you did not see a doctor right away if you were injured. Having documentation of your injuries from the attack is crucial if you want to recover compensation for the attack.

You may also want to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the case. An attorney can offer advice and guidance that will help you build a civil case against the attacker. A lawyer can also help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make that hurt their chance of recovering compensation for damages after an injury.

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