​​Are There Different Types of Motorcycle Licenses in Maryland?

Every state makes its own laws when it comes to motorcycle licensing — and Maryland is no different. Before you head down to the DMV to register your new bike, you need to know Maryland’s requirements and licensing options for legally riding a motorcycle.  Even if you know how to ride a motorcycle, don’t make… read more

Are Lottery Winners Required to Reveal Their Identities in Baltimore?

If you are lucky enough to win big in the Maryland Lottery, there is a very good chance that a lot of people will suddenly try to become your new best friend, and family members you barely know will be texting you night and day.  Money simply has that effect on people, and in such… read more

Window Tint Laws in Maryland

Before you take your car or truck into the shop to tint your windows, it’s important that you take note of Maryland’s window tint laws. These laws limit the amount of tint you can legally apply to the windows and windshield of your vehicle.  Window tints will reduce the light that passes through your windows… read more

Suffering a Ruptured Spleen in a Bike Accident Is Serious

The force of a bicycle accident can be severe, resulting in serious injuries, including a ruptured spleen. Bikes are little competition to vehicles comprised of thousands of pounds of crushing metal. You could suffer internal injuries from the brunt of the force, or your handlebars could dig into your abdomen. Either of these could result… read more

Is It Possible to Get Out of Jury Duty in Baltimore?

One of the most sacred obligations placed upon American citizens is serving on a jury. Juries are essential to the resolution of civil disputes (such as those based on medical malpractice or wrongful death) and criminal cases. In either case, they depend on citizens willingly responding to the call to serve.  While serving on a… read more

Who Is At Fault in a T-Bone Car Accident in Baltimore?

T-bone accidents, also known as broadside collisions, occur when one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle at a right angle. These accidents can be particularly dangerous, as the side of a vehicle offers much less protection to its occupants than the front or rear.  T-bone accidents can occur for a variety of reasons,… read more

How To File A Car Accident Claim With Allstate In Baltimore

Founded in 1931, Allstate is the largest publicly held insurer for personal lines of insurance in the United States. Allstate covers over 16 million households with its insurance, along with millions of auto insurance holders.  Due to the sheer size of this insurer, it is possible that you will need to file a car accident… read more

Can an Insurance Company Require You To Use Specific Repair Shops After a Car Accident in Baltimore?

The short answer to this question is no; after a Baltimore car accident, the insurance company cannot compel or pressure you into using their preferred auto repair shop. This prohibition carries the force of Maryland law. Like most laws, however, there are exceptions. Maryland’s “Fault” Auto Insurance System Some states maintain a “no-fault” auto insurance… read more

Personal Injury Settlements: Myths vs. Reality 

During the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about “tort reform,” a movement that seeks to minimize frivolous lawsuits. Those who want to spur change argue that lawsuits make things more expensive for all other consumers and that these cases clog the court system.  However, such tort reform threatens to take… read more

How Long Does It Take to Get a Personal Injury Settlement Check?

After sustaining a personal injury, protecting your right to compensation for damages is important. Therefore, you might want to seek legal advice from a Baltimore personal injury lawyer. An attorney can help you navigate insurance claims and personal injury lawsuits. Additionally, an experienced accident attorney can ensure that your case continues moving as quickly as… read more