When you are looking for a new vehicle, it is essential to consider safety. Automotive safety ratings can be a helpful indicator when you’re planning to buy a car.

It is crucial to know what safety features to look for and how these elements work to keep drivers and passengers secure. The top five most important automobile safety features are described below.

1. Airbags

In case of a crash, the vehicle’s airbags will deploy. This safety feature is intended to cushion the passengers and driver from certain impact points inside the vehicle. 

Common impact points include: 

  • The dashboard
  • The steering wheel
  • The sides of the vehicle

Most current car models come with airbags as a standard feature. But when buying a new vehicle, make sure that the airbags have not faced a recall. 

Look for a car with a feature that allows you to disengage the airbags. This will enable a child to ride safely in the front passenger seat.

2. Anti-Lock Brakes

In many situations, a driver may need to apply pressure to the brakes quickly to ensure a sudden stop. The ability to stop safely and reliably helps drivers avoid dangerous situations and prevent serious accidents. 

No matter the situation, drivers may be unable to control their vehicles adequately if their wheels lock up. For this reason, anti-lock brakes are an important automotive safety feature. 

This feature prevents the car’s wheels from locking up when significant pressure is applied to the brakes. When a vehicle’s brakes lock up, the car may drift uncontrollably. 

This can result in significant accidents and injuries because the driver will lose all control over the car. Anti-lock braking systems include sensors on the vehicle’s wheels that ensure they will not freeze up.

3. Adaptive Headlights

Headlights are a crucial safety feature when driving a car in the dark. Adaptive headlights use sensors to monitor the elevation of the vehicle. This helps to light the road better than standard headlights. Adaptive headlights also reduce the dangers of glaring lights for other drivers. 

This valuable safety system increases visibility for the driver and others on the roadway. Decreased visibility is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions, especially when driving at night.

4. Traction Control

One of the most important developments in automotive safety features is the traction control system. This electronic system limits the ability of the wheels to spin when the driver is accelerating. 

In other words, this safety feature ensures that the vehicle’s wheels maintain maximum traction against the road. Vehicles with this feature are easier to control in both wet and dry road conditions. 

A traction control system is often present in vehicles that feature anti-lock brakes. These vehicles will automatically apply the brakes if the wheels begin to spin too fast. 

5. Electronic Stability Control

Every car manufactured after 2012 has a built-in electronic stability control (ESC) system. An ESC uses sensors to stop the vehicle from skidding or sliding. 

The ESC system monitors many important elements of the car’s motion to help ensure stability and safety, such as:

  • Sideways motion
  • Wheel speed
  • Angle and rotation of steering 

When the vehicle maneuvers out of the intended trajectory, the ESC will apply the brakes to allow the motorist to regain control. Many vehicle manufacturers use specific terms for their electronic stability control systems. Although the names are different, these systems all measure the same things and function similarly. 

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