If you drive anywhere around Baltimore, MD, you will likely see one of the hundreds of speed and red light cameras installed throughout the city.

While the primary purpose of these cameras is to promote safety by deterring speeding and other moving violations, they can also be helpful in personal injury claims. Whenever an accident occurs near a camera, the pictures or videos may be accessed and used as evidence to determine fault. 

Although these cameras may land you a hefty ticket, they can also be an excellent resource for proving a personal injury claim and recovering your losses.

Baltimore Traffic Camera Violations

Sadly, moving violations are a leading cause of car crash deaths and injuries across Maryland. 

According to Baltimore traffic officials, cameras aim to reduce red light running and speeding. When drivers know they are being monitored, they are less likely to engage in negligent or reckless behaviors. 

In Baltimore, camera violations include speeding and running red lights. Currently, the fee for a speeding violation caught on camera is $40 per infraction, while red light violations run at $75 per infraction. 

However, unlike typical traffic stops, violations caught by automated cameras don’t come with the same penalties because they are not treated as criminal matters. As such, motorists caught running a red light don’t get points taken off their license, and insurance companies aren’t notified about any violations.

How Do Traffic Cameras Work?

Not every traffic camera in Baltimore operates in the same way. Depending on the type of camera and its respective location, these systems gather data through special monitoring.

Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are fixed units that enforce red light laws, usually at busy or traffic-prone intersections.

These cameras are linked directly to the traffic signaling system. Whenever a red light is activated, the camera records either a video or photo to capture any possible offending motorists.

Speed Cameras

Speed cameras can be permanently fixed or work as portable units. Through radar technology, speed cameras in Baltimore become active whenever they detect vehicles traveling at least 12 mph above the posted limit. Similar to red light cameras, these units record either photos or videos as evidence so that a citation can be issued.

Depending on their location, speed cameras may operate around the clock or only during specific hours. 

Contesting a Traffic Camera Violation in Baltimore

When responding to a camera citation in Baltimore, drivers can choose to pay the fine or contest the charges in Maryland District Court. Failure to respond to a traffic camera ticket can incur additional penalties and fees. 

Contesting a ticket is done through a bench trial, where a judge makes a ruling after reviewing the relevant evidence. Should you be unsatisfied with the judge’s decision after your trial, you can appeal the decision within 30 days.

Traffic Camera Footage and Baltimore Personal Injury Claims

Traffic camera footage can be an excellent resource to prove fault in a car accident injury claim.

In many cases, traffic accidents rely on witness testimony from the parties involved to determine fault. When a traffic camera captures an accident, this impartial evidence can help establish many elements.

Personal injury claims after a crash can be complex matters to litigate. Whenever you suffer losses due to a negligent driver, you’ll want to do everything you can to hold the responsible party accountable. 

Whenever an accident is caught on camera, there’s little else needed to establish what occurred. As such, law enforcement and insurance companies can determine liability accurately after an accident.

A Baltimore car accident lawyer can request video and photo evidence from traffic cameras through a public records request. When there’s clear evidence to prove what happened, recovering your losses can be more streamlined. 

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