The consequences of car accidents can be devastating. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that 36,560 people lost their lives in car accidents in 2018. Although fatal car accidents are on the decline, car accidents still claim tens of thousands of lives throughout the United States every year.

The National Safety Council estimates one’s general lifetime odds of dying in a car crash at 1 in 107. These odds are lower than one’s odds of dying in a motorcycle accident (1 in 899) and a pedestrian accident (1 in 543). 

In truth, every person has different odds of dying in a car crash. Not everyone drives the same distances or with the same frequency. Likewise, not everyone has the same vehicle, safety technology, or injury-resistance.

Many factors contribute to the severity of car accidents. However, you can take steps to minimize your chances of being involved in a crash by practicing safe driving habits and avoiding roads and intersections where accidents are most common.

Factors Affecting the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash

Many factors will influence whether a car accident may claim a life. 

Noteworthy examples include:

  • The speed of the vehicles involved
  • The size of the vehicles
  • The safety rankings of the vehicles
  • The physical condition of the vehicles’ occupants
  • Whether the occupants were wearing their seatbelts

Don’t assume you’ll never be involved in an accident. You should wear your seatbelt whenever you’re in a motor vehicle and take all other necessary steps to preserve your safety.

Car Accident Injuries: More Common Than Car Accident Deaths

You’re statistically more likely to be injured than killed in a car accident. According to NHTSA data, car accidents left 2,710,000 people with injuries in 2018. 

Being injured in a car accident can take a significant toll on your personal life. The injuries you sustain in a car accident may require costly medical treatment. They may also render you unable to work. If you can’t work, you can’t earn an income.

Some car accident injuries can even diminish your quality of life. For example, you may sustain injuries that leave you disfigured or paralyzed.

Maryland is an at-fault state. You can seek compensation for losses resulting from a car accident by filing an insurance claim against the at-fault party’s insurer. You can also file a lawsuit to seek damages in court if the insurer refuses to pay you fair compensation.

Wrongful Death Claims & Car Accidents

The unexpected loss of a loved one is extremely painful and difficult for many reasons. Naturally, you’ll struggle to cope with the emotional toll of losing someone close to you. Their death can also have financial ramifications, including loss of support and income.

You may also struggle to pay their funeral expenses. Your financial difficulties might be even greater if they were your family’s main provider.

Fortunately, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim if another party’s negligence caused your loved one’s death. A wrongful death claim allows a decedent’s survivors to recover damages for funeral expenses, loss of support, loss of household services, and more. Money won’t bring back your family member, but it can help defray the financial burdens of their death.

You should contact a personal injury attorney if you believe you have a wrongful death claim. They can help you understand if your or someone else is eligible to file a claim. They can also investigate to gather evidence and identify liable parties. This, in turn, will help you recover the full damages you deserve after the death of your loved one.

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