Maryland motor vehicle insurance laws provide clear guidance on what to do when you get into a car accident by hitting someone’s car (or vice versa) and what sort of coverage you need. But what if the car you’re driving isn’t yours? Can you drive someone else’s car in Baltimore, Maryland? 

Fortunately, the answers are more straightforward than you might expect. Let’s dive into what you should do if you get hit while driving someone else’s car in Baltimore. 

Can I Drive Someone Else’s Car In Baltimore?

Yes, you can drive someone else’s car, provided you have their permission. In Maryland, car insurance is assigned to the vehicle, not just the driver. Let’s say you borrow your grandmother’s car while yours is in the shop. Unfortunately, someone rear-ends your car while navigating that awful downtown Baltimore traffic. 

As long as your grandmother’s insurance policy is up-to-date, you and her car will be covered. There are some exceptions. Let’s change the scenario up a bit to illustrate them.

If you were borrowing your mother’s car instead of your grandmother’s and the two of you still lived in the same household, the insurance company might require that you be on the policy to receive coverage. This is a pretty common requirement, as family members (typically parents and children) under the same roof are likely to drive one another’s vehicles quite often. 

On the flip side, if you used your roommate’s car on occasion, you wouldn’t need to be on their policy to get covered. 

How Common Is Someone Getting Hit By a Car in Maryland?

In 2022, there were more than 108,000 motor vehicle crashes across the State of Maryland. Pedestrians were involved in 2,593 of those crashes. If you live in Baltimore specifically, your chances of getting into a car crash are 153% higher than the national average

What If I Get Hit While Driving Someone Else’s Car?

If you get hit while driving someone else’s car, make sure you:

  • Ensure everyone’s safety
  • Move out of the roadway
  • Exchange information and take pictures of the scene
  • Notify the police 
  • Contact the car owner
  • Understand the insurance implications
  • Consider legal advice
  • Get medical attention

Whatever you do, don’t leave the scene, as hit-and-run crashes are taken very seriously in Baltimore. 

What Happens if I Bump Someone’s Car?

If you bump someone’s car while driving a vehicle you don’t own, the same basic rules apply. Stick around, report the incident, and provide insurance information to law enforcement. Don’t apologize or admit fault, as your memory of the incident could be inaccurate due to the adrenaline and stress involved. 

If the accident happens in a parking lot and you can’t find the owner, leave your contact information and basic insurance details behind. Snap a picture with your smartphone and send it to the owner of the vehicle you are driving to document that you did your due diligence. This will create a timestamp that protects you from criminal liability should any issues arise later. 

Accidents Happen — It’s What You Do Next That Matters 

Accidents happen, especially in a densely populated and fast-paced city like Baltimore. While you may not be able to avoid an accident, you can control how you respond, and that’s what really matters. 

Stay calm, prioritize the safety of everyone involved, and alert the authorities so the event is documented. From there, get medical attention and legal advice regarding your next steps. Maintaining a level head can also make a world of difference during the chaos of a traffic crash. 

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