In 2021 alone, the State of Maryland experienced 561 car accident fatalities within its borders. This number places Maryland squarely in the middle of the rankings of the deadliest states for motorists. 

While states like California, Arizona, and Florida saw two to eight times as many traffic deaths, Maryland’s 2021 numbers are higher than other states like Utah, Minnesota, and Rhode Island.

A fatal car accident or truck crash can happen anywhere in the state, even on city roads in Baltimore. However, statistics show that some highways see more than their fair share of fatal accidents. While this does not mean these roads should be avoided, drivers who must travel them should exercise additional caution while doing so.

3 Dangerous Highways in Maryland

The State of Maryland manages an informational dashboard that points to the most dangerous highway stretches in the state. Three of these highways include:

1. Interstate 95

Interstate 95 in Maryland is not only one of the longest interstate highways in Maryland, but it is also one of the most heavily traveled. This interstate enters from the District of Columbia and travels to the northeast. 

It passes through several counties, including Prince George’s, Howard, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Hartford, and Cecil. In 2022, these counties accounted for a combined total of 289 of the state’s 565 traffic fatalities that year.

2. US Route 1

The significance of US Route 1 to Maryland’s interstate transportation infrastructure has decreased over the years. Nonetheless, this highway remains significant to the cities of Baltimore, Columbia, and Silver Spring, among the other towns it services. Having come into existence in 1926, this 80-mile stretch of highway sees significant traffic yearly. 

The route that US 1 takes through the state parallels the route of I-95 and passes through the same counties that Interstate 95 does. These six counties account for over one-half of all of the state’s fatalities, which means that drivers on US Route 1 should exercise caution.

3. US Route 301

Route 301 runs 123 miles from Maryland’s southern region — around the District of Columbia and the City of Baltimore — and exits the state in the northeast part of the state. For travelers looking to avoid the congested traffic in these urban areas as they travel between Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, US Route 301 offers a convenient alternate route. 

In addition to Prince George’s County and Cecil County, US 301 also passes through Charles County, Anne Arundel County, Queen Anne’s County, and Kent County. Overall, 209 people died on the road in the counties through which US Route 301 passes.

Other Risk Factors For Fatal Crashes in Maryland

Data from ZeroDeathsMaryland and the State of Maryland indicates that most fatal wrecks occur on state roads like US 1 and US 301. In 2022, 375 of the 565 traffic deaths in the state happened on state roads, compared to 134 that occurred on local surface roads. 

Speed was also a factor, with over 90 fatalities happening on roads with speed limits over 55 mph and another 79 happening on roads with a 50 mph limit.

Careful Driving Behavior Can Prevent Fatal Wrecks in Maryland

Maryland’s informational dashboard reveals that most crashes occurred on clear days and dry pavement, suggesting that drivers’ choices behind the wheel play a role in causing these tragic accidents. 

No matter the Maryland road on which you may be driving, simple steps like driving the speed limit, wearing your seat belt, and obeying traffic laws can help protect you and others from a fatal crash.

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