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Were you recently injured in a highway crash in Baltimore, Maryland? The Baltimore highway crashes lawyers at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, are here to advocate for you. Contact our Baltimore law firm today for a free consultation with our compassionate legal team, you can give us a call at (410) 837-2144

We have broad experience in motor vehicle accidents on the highway, and we can help you pursue benefits from the negligent parties. We’ll discuss your case with you and offer some initial legal advice and options. 

How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, Can Help You if You Were Injured in a Highway Crash in Baltimore, MD

How William G. Kolodner, P.A., Can Help You if You Were Injured in a Highway Crash

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, our Baltimore personal injury lawyers will do everything we can to help you recover compensation. We have extensive experience in representing clients in highway car accident cases, so we know all the legal angles. 

A crash on a highway is frightening and may still be running through your mind. That’s understandable, and it’s why you should hire an accomplished law firm to handle the legal matters so you can get past this trauma. 

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional client service, and we’ll do the same for you. If you choose to work with us, we will immediately get started on the following:

  • Investigate the accident and examine the accident site so we know exactly how it happened
  • Collect and review evidence, including medical documents, security camera footage, and police reports
  • Consult with accident reconstructionists, medical specialists, and other experts about the accident and your injury; these experts may testify on your behalf
  • Deal with the insurance companies, police, and hospitals so they don’t have a chance to manipulate you or take advantage of your situation
  • If the insurance company denies your claim or lowballs you with an inadequate offer, we’ll push back and negotiate
  • If the offer is insufficient, we’re not afraid to take your case to trial and put it in front of a jury

Throughout the process, our personal injury attorneys in Baltimore will always make sure to keep you informed regarding our progress on the case. We make ourselves available to you to answer any questions or concerns you have as the matter proceeds. Call our law firm at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, to set up an appointment to speak to us about your case.

Most Deadly Highways In Baltimore, MD

Most Deadly Highways 

A recent study analyzed highway data between the years 2015-2017 to determine the most dangerous highways in each state. The criteria was based on the highest number of fatal crashes. While it’s important to be mindful and vigilant when driving at all, it is especially important when driving on these highways.

During that span of time, the three most dangerous highways in Maryland were: 

  • I-95 (32 deaths)
  • US-1 (24 deaths)
  • US-301 (24 deaths)

I-95 is such a dangerous highway, that it ranks among the deadliest in eight states that it crosses. 

The top ten states with the deadliest highways are:

  • California: I-5 (192 fatalities)
  • Florida: US-1 (160 fatalities)
  • Florida: I-95  (158 fatalities)
  • Texas: I-10  (154 fatalities)
  • Texas: I-20 (151 fatalities)
  • California: US-101 (139 fatalities)
  • Texas: I-35 (139 fatalities)
  • Florida: I-75 (122 fatalities)
  • Georgia: 1-75 (111 fatalities)
  • California: SR-99 (110 fatalities)

One key takeaway from the study is that there’s a strong connection between crashes and speed limits set by each state. 

Which Highway Lanes Are the Most Dangerous?

You can’t control other drivers’ negligence in causing an accident, but being aware of the more dangerous parts of the highway can help you avoid situations that are more likely to result in a crash. For example, knowing which lanes are the riskiest.

Most people would imagine the left lane to be where most accidents occur due to drivers picking up speed to pass vehicles in the right lane. While crashes that occur in the left lane tend to be more severe or even fatal due to the higher speeds, it’s actually the right lane where more crashes tend to happen.

The right lane is more dangerous due to drivers merging into that lane to get on the highway, as well as those merging from the left lane into the right lane in order to get to an exit ramp. These actions involve changing lanes, blind spots, and a focus on merging quickly.

Causes of Highway Crashes

Causes of Highway Crashes

Vehicles are moving at greater speeds on highways than on local roads, so when an accident occurs, it can result in severe injuries and even fatalities. Speed limits have been steadily rising over the last quarter of a century and have caused nearly 37,000 deaths. It’s a steep trade for what experts say only results in shaving off a few extra minutes of drive time. 

In addition to the speed, highways also have unique issues such as:

  • Merging onto the highway
  • Changing lanes unnecessarily
  • Driving across multiple lanes to get to exit ramps 
  • Passing on the left

Those driving maneuvers are particular to highways and are often the causes of crashes. Beyond those exceptions, many of the causes of highway crashes are similar to the causes of crashes on local roads:

Understanding the reasons for crashes on highways can help you better prepare when you’re on the road. The unique issues and greater speeds make highways danger zones if you don’t take extra care.

Contact a Baltimore Car Crash Lawyer Today

If you’ve been injured in a highway crash, you may be entitled to compensation for what you’ve experienced. Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers can make all the difference in helping you win your case.

One caveat is that Maryland is a contributory negligence state. This means that if you contributed at all to the accident, you are barred from recovery. That’s where an experienced law firm is helpful. We can make an argument that you were not at all to blame. 

The statute of limitations in Maryland allows only three years from the date you were injured to file a claim. The sooner you move on filing a lawsuit, the sooner we can seek compensation for your financial losses such as medical treatment and lost wages, as well as your non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

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