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Have you been injured in an accident? If so, then contact our Baltimore office to schedule a free consultation, you can give us a call at (410) 837-2144 to speak with one of our Baltimore, Maryland personal injury attorneys at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers. Since 1977, we’ve been dedicated to helping accident victims get the money they deserve.

Suffering an unexpected accident or injury can be devastating. If you are hurt because someone else was negligent, you may be able to hold them accountable. The money you recover can make a massive difference in your life for years to come. 

Our attorneys know how important your injury claim is, and we’re prepared to maximize your recovery. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.

How Do I Know If I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Generally speaking, you might have a personal injury case if:

  • You were injured because someone else was negligent (e.g., you were struck by a distracted driver)
  • A defective or unreasonably dangerous product contributed to your injury
  • You suffered injuries while you were lawfully on someone else’s property (e.g., you slipped and fell in a store)
  • You got hurt while working
  • You’ve been injured because a medical professional made a mistake, or
  • A family member has died for any of the reasons mentioned above.

If you can prove that you got hurt and someone else is legally responsible, then you might have a legitimate case for damages. Contact our law offices to discuss your case and learn more about your options today.

What Is a Personal Injury Case?

What Is a Personal Injury Case? - 14 West Madison Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

A personal injury case is a legal dispute between two parties – the plaintiff and a defendant. The case is brought by the plaintiff, who claims to have suffered an injury because of something the defendant did or failed to do.

The purpose of the personal injury case is to force the defendant to compensate the plaintiff for their damages, injuries, and suffering.

In Maryland, personal injury cases are based on tort law. This is distinct from criminal law. Torts are actions or conduct that violate another person’s rights or privileges. Torts can be unintentional (e.g., negligence) or intentional (e.g., assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress).

Common examples of personal injury cases are car accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip & fall accidents, and wrongful death claims.

Why Should I File a Personal Injury Claim in Baltimore?

Why Should I File a Personal Injury Claim in Baltimore?

Accidents can happen, even when you’re being cautious and careful. If you suffer an injury because someone else is negligent or careless, you shouldn’t have to file an injury claim or personal injury lawsuit on your own. 

When you file a claim, your attorney can demand to be compensated for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Don’t underestimate the importance of financial recovery.

According to the National Safety Council, an evident injury costs, on average, $27,800. The costs of a disabling injury are more than three times greater – averaging roughly $96,200. Those figures don’t even factor in the intangible injuries you experience, like anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

By filing a personal injury claim, you can recover money to minimize the financial stresses and burdens of an accident.

Maryland Personal Injury Laws

Maryland Personal Injury Laws

States have different ways of handling cases where more than one person’s negligence contributes to an accident. In some states, fault is not an absolute bar to recovery. Rather, it simply affects how much money a victim can receive.

In Maryland, however, fault is an absolute bar to recovery. Under the state’s pure contributory negligence rules, you will not be entitled to seek damages or recover compensation if you’re allocated any responsibility or fault for your accident.

Because of this law, it is absolutely critical to work with an attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident in Baltimore. That’s the best way to make sure that you’re not assigned any blame you don’t deserve.

What is Personal Injury Law?

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law focuses on injuries to a person’s physical self, mental health, or emotional well-being, rather than injuries to tangible property. When a person suffers an injury of this sort, personal injury law may provide them with the right to seek compensation. This is true if their injury is the consequence of another person’s negligent, inadvertent, or intentional conduct. This is known as a  “personal injury case” and generally falls under Maryland state tort law.

Common Baltimore, MD Personal Injury Practice Areas

Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Baltimore has some of the most dangerous roads in the United States. Even if you’re extremely careful while driving, a motor vehicle accident can still occur. Insurance companies will be quick to deny your claim or offer you a lowball settlement.

Our car accident attorneys won’t let them push you around. We’ve been challenging insurers in Baltimore for decades and know what it takes to win. 

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bike isn’t just for kids anymore. The practice has become increasingly popular with commuters in and around Baltimore. However, Baltimore’s roads were designed and built long before riding a bike was a regular form of transportation. As a result, riders are often forced into traffic with cars, buses, and trucks. Bike accidents can and do happen.

Our bicycle accident attorneys will help you pursue damages from negligent drivers, government agencies, and anyone else who might be liable for your injuries after a crash.

Wrongful Death

Maryland personal injury attorney

Not everyone who is involved in an accident survives. While money will not undo a tragedy, it can help to make life a little bit easier after a loved one dies unexpectedly. This type of claim is known as a wrongful death claim. Our attorneys are prepared to do whatever we can to help you get a little bit of financial justice from the person (or parties) who are responsible for your pain and suffering.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls are a leading cause of injury and death in Baltimore. If you’ve fallen on someone else’s property, you could be entitled to compensation. However, don’t expect the property owner to admit fault and write you a check. Our attorneys will carefully investigate your slip and fall, gather evidence to support your claim, and fight to hold the negligent owner responsible for the harm they’ve caused.

Motorcycle Accidents

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When there’s an accident, motorcyclists are more likely to get seriously injured than occupants of other vehicles. To make matters worse, negligent drivers often try to blame motorcyclists for accidents – even when that’s not the case. Our motorcycle accident attorneys will stand up and defend you at every turn, working hard ot get you all of the money you need for your bills, expenses, and suffering.

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Between I-95, I-675, and I-83, there are a lot of large commercial trucks moving in and through Baltimore. Drivers of these trucks are often tired, in a hurry, and distracted. Unfortunately, it’s others on the road who are most likely to get hurt when one of these drivers crashes.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, our team will work diligently to get money from the truck driver, their employer, and any other liable parties.

Who Can File A Personal Injury Claim?

Who Can File A Personal Injury Claim?

Generally speaking, you can file a personal injury claim if, because another person was negligent, you’ve (a) suffered an injury or (b) lost someone you love.

Accident victims have the primary right to file a personal injury claim and demand compensation from at-fault parties. However, that right isn’t lost when an accident victim dies.

Rather, it simply shifts to their beneficiaries. Family members and the victim’s executor can bring wrongful death and/or survival action claims. These actions can help to compensate the family for the costs and suffering associated with an untimely and avoidable death.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

No two accidents in Baltimore are the same. No two injuries are identical. All accident victims are unique, too. There’s really no standard value for a personal injury case. Instead, there are many factors that can and will influence what your case is worth.

These are some things to consider:

  • How serious are your injuries?
  • Will your injuries interfere with your ability to work?
  • Will your injury cause you to experience a permanent or total disability?
  • Will you be able to take care of yourself, or will have to rely on others to perform everyday tasks?
  • Was any property damaged in your accident?
  • If so, how much will it cost to replace or repair the damage?
  • Is it likely that you’ll suffer from chronic pain?
  • How has the trauma of your accident and injury affected you?
  • Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues because of your accident?
  • Are you permanently disfigured or paralyzed?
  • Are you still able to enjoy your life?

As a general principle, the more serious your injuries and catastrophic nature of the accident, the more compensation you may receive. Our Baltimore injury lawyers will work tirelessly to help you get all of the money you deserve.

How Long Will My Case Take?

Again, every case is different. The specific details of your case will influence how long it ultimately takes for your case to be resolved. Factors that are often important include:

  • Whether fault for the accident is clear or contested
  • How long you’ll need medical treatment
  • How many different parties (and insurance companies) are involved
  • Who the defendants in the case are
  • Whether the insurance company that’s involved acts in good faith when considering and negotiating your claim, and
  • Whether you’re willing and able to settle or have to take your case to a jury.

Cases that reach a settlement are typically shorter in length than those that go to trial. However, sometimes it’s important to take your time and not rush a settlement. Getting money in your hands quicker isn’t always the best course of action in the long run.

How Long Until I Receive Compensation?

How Long Until I Receive Compensation?

Once your case is resolved in your favor, you will be entitled to compensation. How long it actually takes to get money in your hands will depend on whether you’ve negotiated a settlement or won in court.

Following a settlement, insurance companies will have an obligation to act in good faith and issue a timely payment without unnecessary delay.

Sometimes this could be a matter of days. Other times, it might take a couple of weeks. Playing games can lead to a bad-faith lawsuit, and that’s something insurers will definitely want to avoid. 

Payment can take longer after a jury verdict in your favor. That’s because insurance companies and at-fault parties have the option to appeal the decision. If that happens, it could be months or even years until you see a check.

However, our attorneys will be vigilant in getting the money you deserve in your hands as quickly as we can. We’ll stay on top of defendants and fight tenaciously on your behalf. Call WGK Personal Injury Lawyers for immediate assistance. We can get started on your case as soon as you ask for our help.

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