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Parents need safe, reliable daycare for their children while they work. Choosing a daycare facility for your child can be challenging.

You want to ensure that the daycare staff will protect your child and provide a caring environment while you work. Unfortunately, children in the best daycare facilities in Baltimore, MD or Washington, DC can sustain injuries. Accidents occur.

The key is whether the accident was due to negligence or other wrongdoing. 

Call our legal team today. We use all the resources, skills, experience, and knowledge acquired through decades as injury lawyers in Baltimore, Maryland, to fight for our clients’ best interests.

How Our Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if Your Child Was Injured in a Daycare

How Our Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help if Your Child Was Injured in a Daycare

Our Baltimore personal injury attorneys understand that your child and your family have been through a traumatic event.

When a child suffers an injury at a daycare facility, parents are understandably concerned.

In some cases, parents may be angered and frustrated when they cannot get answers to their questions about how the injury occurred. The Baltimore daycare injury lawyers of WGK Personal Injury Lawyers have been representing families since 1977.

We are a family-owned law firm in Baltimore, Maryland, with three generations of attorneys. We are passionate about standing up for the rights of injury victims, and it shows in our services and results. 

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Thoroughly analyze your case and provide a clear assessment of your legal options
  • Investigate how your child was injured and identify the parties responsible for your child’s injury
  • Locate insurance companies covering the daycare facility and file insurance claims
  • Keep you updated on the progress of the case
  • Work with your child’s physicians to document the injuries and damages
  • Negotiate a settlement for the maximum compensation available for your case
  • File a lawsuit when it is necessary to protect your child’s best interests

If you are unsure what to do after a daycare injury, call our Baltimore daycare injury attorneys for a free consultation. 

How Common Are Daycare Injury Cases?

How Common Are Daycare Injury Cases?

Daycare injuries are more common than many people realize. Many of the injuries are not severe enough to be reported.

However, hundreds of cases of severe daycare injuries are reported each year.

During 2017, there were 577 daycare injury cases in Maryland that required treatment by a medical professional. Twenty-eight (28) daycare injury cases that year required admission to the hospital. 

In 2018, 588 daycare injury cases required treatment by medical professionals. Thirty-six (36) cases required admission to the hospital.

Overview of Daycare Injury Cases

Overview of Daycare Injury Cases

The Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care regulates all childcare in Maryland. Daycares must be licensed to operate legally within the state. Title 13A of the Code of Maryland Regulations governs early childhood programs throughout the state.

Even though daycare facilities are heavily regulated, daycare injuries and accidents still occur. 

What Are Common Causes of Daycare Injuries?

There are many reasons why a child sustains injuries at a daycare. In many cases, negligence or intentional wrongdoing is the cause of a daycare injury.

Examples of negligence or wrongdoing that can result in a daycare injury or wrongful death include:

  • Failure to supervise children
  • Defective or broken playground equipment
  • Failure to maintain playground equipment
  • Falling objects
  • Abuse, including physical, sexual, psychological, and emotional abuse
  • Safety code violations
  • Understaffed facilities
  • Broken toys or furniture
  • Failure to conduct background checks on employees
  • Violations of regulations and safety code
  • Harmful ingestion of medications, choking hazards, or dangerous substances

Unfortunately, when a daycare facility or staff members are negligent, children can sustain serious injuries. 

Common Types of Injuries Caused by Daycare Injuries

The injuries that a child might sustain at a daycare can include:

If your child sustains a daycare injury, seek immediate medical attention. Document the injury through medical records and by taking photographs of the injury. 

Who is Liable for a Daycare Injury?

Who is Liable for a Daycare Injury?

Many injuries in daycare settings are unintentional accidents. Children explore their surroundings and often act impulsively. They run, jump, and climb.

Children may suffer bumps, scrapes, and bruises. Occasionally they may have a cut or broken bones from falling. However, some injuries are due to negligence or wrongdoing. These injuries can result in a personal injury lawsuit. 

A daycare has a duty of care to protect a child from harm and injuries. When the daycare breaches the duty of care, it can be held liable if the breach results in injuries and damages for the child.

You must prove that the breach of duty was a direct and proximate cause of the situations that resulted in your child’s injuries. You must also prove that your child sustained damages because of the breach of duty.

A Baltimore personal injury lawyer can help you establish negligence by gathering evidence proving that the daycare facility’s conduct rises to the level of negligence. 

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