How Long Will My Baltimore Wrongful Death Case Take To Settle?

Experiencing the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is devastating.

Beyond the emotional toll, families often face significant financial challenges. Pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit can provide both justice and financial relief. However, understanding the timeline and process for such a case is crucial. 

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, our Baltimore wrongful death lawyers have 80 years of combined experience and have recovered tens of millions of dollars. We can help you understand the factors that influence the length of a wrongful death case in Baltimore, Maryland, and assist you in taking legal action against the responsible party. 

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How Can WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Help With a Wrongful Death Case in Baltimore, Maryland?

How Can WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Help With a Wrongful Death Case in Baltimore, Maryland?

Navigating the complexities of a wrongful death lawsuit requires legal experience and a compassionate approach. Our Baltimore personal injury attorneys at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in handling these sensitive cases. 

We work tirelessly to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and precision. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support to alleviate your legal burdens so you can focus on healing and remembering your loved one. Here’s what our attorneys can do to help:

  • Gather evidence, including medical records, police reports, and witness statements
  • Identify all liable parties responsible for the wrongful death
  • Consult with experts to build a strong case
  • Draft and send a demand letter outlining the damages sought
  • Negotiate settlements with the responsible party’s insurance company or legal representative
  • Represent you in court if a fair settlement cannot be reached

Our goal is to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. With our thorough understanding of Maryland’s wrongful death laws, WGK Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to securing the best possible outcome for your case. Call our law offices in Baltimore, MD, today to set up your free case review.

Wrongful Death Claims in Maryland

Wrongful death claims in Maryland are legal actions brought by the surviving family members of a person who has died due to the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of another party. 

These claims are designed to provide compensation for the losses suffered by the family, including medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, and emotional distress. Maryland law allows specific family members, such as spouses, children, and parents, to file these claims.

The statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim in Maryland is generally three years from the date of death. However, it is crucial to consult with a knowledgeable attorney promptly to ensure that your rights are protected and that you meet all necessary deadlines.

Factors That Make a Maryland Wrongful Death Claim Take Longer To Settle

Several factors can influence the duration of a wrongful death claim in Maryland:

  • Complex cases involving multiple liable parties or extensive investigation can take longer to resolve
  • Disputes over liability, where the responsible party denies fault or offers a low settlement, can also extend the timeline
  • Cases requiring expert testimony, such as medical malpractice or product liability, may take more time due to the need for specialized knowledge and analysis
  • The court’s schedule and the availability of key witnesses can further delay the process

Working with an experienced attorney from WGK Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate these challenges, streamline the process, and strive for a timely resolution while ensuring that all aspects of the case are thoroughly addressed.

What Are the Steps Involved in a Baltimore Wrongful Death Case?

A Baltimore wrongful death case typically follows a series of steps aimed at building a strong case and pursuing fair compensation. 

Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers will undertake the following:  

  • Once sufficient evidence is collected, a demand letter is sent to the responsible party or their insurance company, outlining the damages sought
  • If a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, the case may proceed to litigation, where a formal lawsuit is filed
  • During the pre-trial phase, both parties engage in discovery, exchanging relevant information and evidence
  • The case may then go to trial, where a judge or jury will determine the outcome

Throughout this process, WGK Personal Injury Lawyers will provide diligent representation. We will ensure that all legal procedures are followed and advocate for the best possible outcome for your family.

How Does Your Settlement Get Processed?

Once a settlement is agreed upon in a wrongful death case, the process of distributing the funds begins.

First, the settlement amount is deposited into a trust or escrow account. Legal fees and expenses incurred during the case are then deducted. This includes attorney fees, court costs, and expenses related to expert witnesses and investigations. The remaining amount is then distributed to the beneficiaries according to Maryland law and any agreements among the family members.

In many cases, this distribution is overseen by the court to ensure fairness. WGK Personal Injury Lawyers assists in managing this process, providing guidance on legal and financial matters to ensure that the settlement is processed smoothly and that the family receives their rightful compensation.

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If you are facing the heart-wrenching reality of losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, it is crucial to seek legal assistance promptly.

WGK Personal Injury Lawyers is here to provide the compassionate and experienced representation you need. Our team is dedicated to helping families in Baltimore navigate the complexities of wrongful death cases, fighting for justice and fair compensation.

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