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Have you been injured or lost a close family member in a truck accident in Dundalk, Maryland? If so, it’s important to understand the full scope of your legal rights and options. That’s where WGK Personal Injury Lawyers can help. You may be entitled to compensation, and our Dundalk truck accident lawyers are ready to help you fight for every cent you deserve.

Since 1977, WGK Personal Injury Lawyers has been a leader in truck accident litigation. We’re award-winning Maryland trial attorneys with over 80 years of combined experience handling complex truck accident cases.

Our results speak for themselves. Our law firm has recovered tens of millions of dollars in life-changing financial settlements and awards on behalf of deserving clients like you.

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How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Truck Accident in Dundalk, MD

How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Truck Accident in Dundalk, MD

How can you know what caused your truck accident? Is the truck driver definitely to blame? Who’s on the hook if the truck malfunctioned and that contributed to the wreck? What kind of evidence will you need to make your case? How can you defend yourself if the trucking company or its insurer tries to blame you for the big rig accident?

There’s a lot riding on your truck accident claim, so it’s important to ask for help when you’re faced with these (and other) important questions. That’s where our Dundalk personal injury lawyers can help.

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, you’ll benefit from three generations of attorneys who have dedicated their careers to standing up for catastrophically injured truck accident victims. This is your single opportunity to recover compensation that will fundamentally change the course of your life, and we intend to help you make the most of it.

While you take the time you need to rest and recover from your truck accident injuries, our top-rated Maryland litigators will:

  • Consult knowledgeable truck industry specialists, medical professionals, accident reconstructionists, therapists, and other experts 
  • Carefully investigate the details of your Dundalk truck accident
  • Analyze evidence obtained through the discovery process, including accident reports, truck black box recordings, truck driver communication records, vehicle inspection and maintenance records, truck driver logs, trucking company hiring and training policies, witness statements, physical evidence from the scene, photographs, medical records, and more
  • Carefully construct a defense to allegations that you share responsibility for the truck crash
  • Handle settlement conferences and negotiations with the truck driver, trucking company, insurance carrier, and other involved parties
  • Litigate your case at trial in front of a Baltimore County jury, if necessary

Don’t worry about the added cost of a lawyer when you choose WGK Personal Injury Lawyers. Our truck accident lawyers in Dundalk, MD work on contingency, so there’s no cost unless we win your case. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your truck accident case for free today. 

How Common Are Truck Accidents in Maryland?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 3,348 accidents involving tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, big rigs, and other large trucks in Maryland in 2021.

That’s an average of 9 large truck accidents every day across the state.

At least 1,443 people were injured in these Maryland truck accidents. No fewer than 43 truck accidents were fatal.

What Causes Most Dundalk Truck Accidents?

The beltway (I-695) runs right through the heart of Dundalk. With it, it brings hundreds of large trucks and commercial vehicles into the city’s limits every day.

Ideally, truck accidents in cities like Dundalk should be largely avoidable – thanks to strict state and federal safety regulations and procedures. However, truck accidents are a reality for those who live, work, and commute here.

For the most part, truck accidents happen when a truck driver or trucking company is negligent.

Some of the most common contributing factors include:

  • Fatigued driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for road conditions
  • Distracted driving
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Overloaded cargo
  • Uneven cargo loads
  • Unsecured cargo/cargo shifts
  • Wide turns
  • Braking errors
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Vehicle malfunction, often due to negligent inspection or maintenance
  • Negligent hiring
  • Negligent training

In some situations, a vehicle defect – such as faulty brakes, tires, or steering columns – might cause a truck to crash.

Our Dundalk personal injury attorneys will carefully evaluate the details of your wreck and work to uncover every possible reason for the crash. Once we understand why the accident happened, we can move forward and seek compensation from those responsible.

Understanding Liability for Dundalk Tractor-Trailer Accidents

In Maryland, anyone contributing to a trucking accident can be liable – or financially responsible – for the resulting injuries and costs.

Depending on the specific details of your truck accident case, liability might extend to:

  • Negligent truck driver
  • Negligent third-party motorist (e.g., driver of a passenger vehicle, motorcyclist, or Uber or Lyft driver)
  • Trucking company
  • Freight broker
  • Freight loaders
  • Truck manufacturer
  • Truck mechanic
  • Government agency responsible for road design, inspection, and maintenance

Our truck accident attorneys in Dundalk will work hard to identify all potentially liable parties and hold them all personally accountable for the harm and suffering you’ve experienced. 

What Happens If I Get Blamed for a Truck Accident in Dundalk, Maryland?

Shared responsibility can prevent you from recovering compensation for injuries related to a truck accident in Dundalk, Maryland. Maryland follows the rule of contributory negligence, which provides that sharing any blame for an accident is an automatic bar to financial recovery.

Sharing just one percent of the blame for a truck accident will prevent you from getting compensation from a third party.

Just because the insurance company or trucker blames you for a wreck doesn’t mean you’re responsible. In fact, they might point fingers just because they know they can sidestep liability by shifting blame in your direction. It’s important to be ready to fight back against these allegations because they can stand between you and the money you really deserve.

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ll be ready to aggressively counter these victim-blaming tactics and work to preserve your right to compensation. We’ll demand hard evidence to back up these claims, work to discredit or disprove witnesses, and search for evidence that proves you had nothing to do with the wreck.

What Types of Damages Can Dundalk Truck Accident Victims Receive?

By filing a truck accident claim, you can generally recover compensation for the financial costs related to your truck accident, as well as the trauma and suffering you experienced.

In Maryland, these compensatory awards are known as economic damages and non-economic damages, respectively.

Our attorneys will help you seek damages for:

We’ll work closely with respected truck accident experts and specialists throughout the entire claims process, particularly when it comes time to assess what your truck accident case is worth. Their insight and expertise can lend considerable strength to your claim and help us secure a result that really impacts your life.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Trucks can stretch nearly 70 feet and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. When they’re in accidents, they can do considerable damage – especially to bystanders and occupants of smaller vehicles.

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent truck accident victims who’ve suffered:

Get to the closest hospital in Dundalk after you’re involved in a truck accident. Immediate medical attention can be the difference between life and death, especially when your injuries are internal. 

What’s the Time Limit To File a Maryland Truck Accident Lawsuit?

You’ll have three years to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit after a truck accident in Dundalk, Maryland. 

Once the statute of limitations expires, you will forfeit the opportunity to bring legal action and demand financial accountability from the negligent trucker or trucking company. 

That means you’ll be left to handle the cost and burden of your truck accident on your own.

Protect yourself by reaching out to our experienced personal injury attorneys in Dundalk for help as soon as possible after your truck crash.

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