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A delayed diagnosis can have traumatic consequences for the patient and their family. Negligence and medical malpractice are the causes of most cases of failure to diagnose a condition. 

When a doctor fails to diagnose a medical condition, our Baltimore, MD medical malpractice attorneys at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers. work with injured parties to get them the justice they deserve. Our legal team has over 80 years of collective experience from practicing law in Baltimore since 1977.

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How Our Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help Clients with Delayed Diagnosis Claims 

How Our Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers Help Clients with Delayed Diagnosis Claims 

You may believe it could never happen to you. Your doctor makes a mistake or medical error that causes you injury or results in the wrongful death of a family member. What are you supposed to do now? How can you hold the doctor liable for delayed diagnosis and other medical negligence?

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, we handle your medical malpractice claim for you. Our Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers put your best interests at the top of our priority list. We are dedicated to recovering maximum compensation for the devastation caused by medical malpractice.

When you hire our legal team, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate the patient’s injuries to determine how they occurred
  • Gather evidence proving the doctor or other medical provider was negligent or committed intentional wrongdoing
  • Identify all parties who may be liable for your damages
  • File insurance claims and monitor the progress of the claims
  • Document your damages to calculate the value of your injury claim
  • Work with medical experts and other expert witnesses, as necessary
  • Negotiate a fair settlement for your malpractice case
  • Prepare to argue the case in court if the other parties refuse to negotiate in good faith

We understand that you and your family have been through a challenging and painful time. We do not want to add to the stress you experienced. Our legal team handles your case with compassion, professionalism, and dedication to achieving the best possible outcome, given the facts of your case.

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A Delayed Diagnosis Means the Condition May Worsen

When a physician fails to diagnose a medical condition, the patient’s symptoms may worsen. The patient may grow too weak to work or perform daily functions. In some cases, they may develop life-threatening conditions or permanent impairments because of a delayed diagnosis. 

For example, a cancer misdiagnosis could cause cancer to spread throughout the person’s body. However, had the doctor timely diagnosed the cancer, the patient could have received treatment that might have resulted in remission. Likewise, if the doctor had not missed the cancer diagnosis, the patient might have been able to have the cancer removed.

Delayed diagnosis could complicate medical treatment. It could result in more aggressive treatments. Delays in diagnosing a patient could also lead to the patient’s death. 

Causes of Delayed Diagnosis of a Medical Condition or Illness

There are many reasons why a doctor might miss a diagnosis. Examples of reasons for delayed diagnosis include:

  • The doctor fails to order tests or recognize a patient’s symptoms
  • The doctor misinterprets the test results
  • A physician attributes the symptoms to another illness or condition without further testing
  • The doctor fails to monitor a mother and unborn child after discovering the mother is at high risk of complications that could lead to a birth injury
  • Failing to refer a patient to a specialist, such as a medical expert for traumatic brain injury
  • Doctors are rushed during examinations 
  • Practicing medicine under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Working too many shifts or long hours causes fatigue and poor judgment 
  • Hospital, lab, and emergency room errors

The doctor, hospital, lab, nurse, and other parties may be liable for your damages for a delayed diagnosis claim. You could be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, lost income, emotional distress, medical bills, and other types of damages

Can I Sue My Doctor for Delayed Diagnosis in Baltimore, MD?

Yes, you can sue for medical malpractice caused by delayed diagnosis. However, you have the burden of proving that the medical provider failed to meet the standard of care. In addition, the breach of duty must have directly caused your injury, which resulted in damages. 

We consult medical experts to help prove that the doctor’s failure to diagnose your medical condition is the cause of your injuries and damages. Your doctor may allege that your current condition results from another injury or medical condition. We fight back with evidence and testimony demonstrating that your doctor’s negligence and conduct led to the delayed diagnosis, resulting in your current health crisis.

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Did a failure to diagnose cause your injury? Have you suffered because of your doctor’s actions? If so, you deserve compensation for damages.

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