How Long Does It Take To Settle an 18-Wheeler Accident Case?

Being involved in a semi-truck accident can be extremely traumatic, especially with mounting medical expenses and uncertainty about compensation. At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, we recognize the physical and financial strain these incidents can cause.

For decades, we have been staunch advocates for personal injury victims in Baltimore, MD, guiding them through difficult times and securing millions in compensation. We have achieved substantial truck accident verdicts and settlements in the state of Maryland.

Our Baltimore truck accident lawyers are committed to ensuring that you are fully informed about your rights and options during this challenging time. If your injuries were caused by a negligent truck driver or trucking company, do not hesitate to contact us at 410-837-2144 for a complimentary case evaluation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing unless we win.

How Can WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Help If You’ve Been Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident in Baltimore, MD?

How Can WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Help If You’ve Been Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident in Baltimore, MD?

Due to their significant size and weight, 18-wheelers can cause severe physical injuries. Even unloaded, these trucks can weigh as much as 35,000 pounds. If you’ve been injured in a Baltimore 18-wheeler collision due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to handle the financial repercussions on your own.

Our Baltimore personal injury lawyers understand the importance of securing compensation promptly. When you engage our services, we commit to negotiating a fair settlement, a task that demands both skill and careful strategy.

Before we begin negotiations, it’s essential to establish the truck driver’s negligence. We will do this by examining:

  • The truck’s “black box,” which records critical data such as speed and deceleration times
  • Maintenance records
  • Available surveillance camera footage
  • The truck driver’s training and driving history
  • The driver’s use of cell phones or other mobile devices
  • Truck driver log books

Identifying the root cause of the truck crash enables us to protect you from unfounded claims by the insurance company. While you focus on your recovery, we’ll concentrate on obtaining fair compensation following an 18-wheeler accident in Baltimore, Maryland. Contact our law firm for a free consultation.

Factors That Can Affect How Long It Takes To Settle Your Baltimore 18-Wheeler Accident Claim

Providing an exact timeframe for resolving your Baltimore truck accident claim is challenging without specific details. However, these cases typically require a longer settlement period due to several factors:

The Truck Accident Investigation Process

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) might require a detailed investigation into serious accidents, which can extend the settlement process. This investigation may include assessing the truck driver’s alcohol or drug use, reviewing the truck’s maintenance history, and conducting a thorough examination of the vehicle.

The Severity of Your Injuries

The severe injuries often sustained in 18-wheeler accidents, such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries requiring long-term care, can prolong the settlement process. The timeline may vary depending on the time needed for your recovery. The further along your recovery, the more accurately your Baltimore truck accident attorney can assess damages.

Your Attorney’s Ability to Effectively Negotiate

The effectiveness of your lawyer in negotiating with the insurance company is a critical factor affecting the timeline. Competent Baltimore personal injury attorneys, like those at WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, might engage in several rounds of negotiations to achieve a fair settlement. We’ll take the time to fully understand the cause of the accident and the extent of your injuries to ensure your claim is not settled prematurely for expediency.

Quick settlements don’t always translate to fair settlements. WGK Personal Injury Lawyers will conduct a thorough assessment of your case before entering negotiations.

What Causes 18-Wheeler Accidents in Baltimore, Maryland?

Large trucks are vital for transporting goods across the nation. However, their involvement in accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities, making it crucial to understand the causes of 18-wheeler accidents.

Key factors contributing to these crashes often include truck driver fatigue and speeding

Other common causes are:

  • The driver’s unfamiliarity with the road
  • Distracted driving
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Inclement weather
  • Inadequate driver training

While not all accidents involving tractor-trailers are solely the truck driver’s fault, cases of their negligence need to be addressed. If you have suffered injuries in an 18-wheeler accident in Baltimore, MD, contact WGK Personal Injury Lawyers to learn about your legal rights and explore your options.

Call WGK Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation If You’ve Been Injured in an 18-Wheeler Accident in Baltimore, MD

If your injuries were caused by the negligence of a careless truck driver, consulting a truck accident attorney in Baltimore is crucial. Taking swift action can help to secure and preserve evidence, which is key to a successful compensation claim.

Our team will thoroughly assess the circumstances of your accident. If the truck driver or trucking company was negligent, we will work diligently to negotiate a fair settlement. If the insurance company does not engage in good-faith negotiations, we are prepared to take your case to court.

The path to full recovery begins by reaching out to WGK Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. We are here to answer all your questions and provide an honest evaluation of your claim. Call today.