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You may be entitled to compensation if you recently suffered injuries because of a dangerous condition on another person’s property in Dundalk, Maryland. The owner or manager of the premises could be liable for costs related to your medical care and loss of income, as well as the pain and suffering you’ve experienced. Call WGK Personal Injury Lawyers and discover how our Dundalk premises liability attorneys can help you fight to maximize your financial recovery.

Since 1977, our law firm has helped accident victims in Dundalk and across Baltimore County stand up to negligent property owners and insurance companies. Our award-winning trial attorneys, who have more than 80 years of combined experience, have successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards.

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How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Premises Liability Claim in Dundalk, MD

How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help With Your Premises Liability Claim in Dundalk, MD

When you get hurt because of a hazardous condition on real property in Dundalk, Maryland, the owner of the premises can be financially responsible for your injuries. However, the owner will not be quick to admit fault, and their insurance carrier might try to say that you’re to blame for your accident.

Property owners and insurance companies can be powerful and have considerable resources at their disposal. Put yourself on a level playing field by turning to our top-rated Dundalk personal injury lawyers for help.

For three generations, our law firm has earned a reputation for being a top advocate for victims of catastrophic and life-changing injuries. When you put us in your corner, you show the owner and their insurer that you’re serious about getting the money you deserve.

Focus on getting better and benefit from our award-winning legal services as our team:

  • Investigates your premises liability claim
  • Determines how the owner’s negligence contributed to your resulting injury
  • Gathers evidence to establish a successful claim for damages
  • Works closely with reputable experts and specialists throughout the claims process
  • Defends against efforts to blame you for your accident or injury
  • Handles settlement negotiations with the owner and their insurance carrier
  • Represents you at trial if you don’t receive a fair settlement offer

We have the resources and experience you’ll need to get the top results in your premises liability claim. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team to explore your options and learn about the benefits of putting our respected law firm on the case. We offer a free consultation and represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, so call to get started now.

What Is Premises Liability?

In Maryland, property owners assume a responsibility to keep guests and visitors safe from reasonably foreseeable harm. 

This doesn’t mean that property owners have to ensure your safety every time you enter their land.

Instead, the property owner’s duty of care ultimately depends on why someone is visiting the premises.

In Maryland, there are three classifications of visitors under the law: invitee, licensee, and trespasser.

Duty to Invitees

You’re considered an invitee when (a) you enter public property or (b) a private property owner enjoys a business-related benefit because of your visit.

For example, you’d be an invitee if you went grocery shopping or ate a meal at a local restaurant in Dundalk. 

In Maryland, property owners owe the highest duty of care to invitees. Under the law, owners have to regularly inspect the premises for hazards or dangers and fix them upon discovery. If a hazard can’t be fixed right away, the owner has to warn invitees about the condition.

Duty to Licensees

You’re considered a licensee when you enter private property with the owner’s consent but for a personal or social purpose. The owner doesn’t derive any business-related benefit from your visit.

In Maryland, property owners don’t have to inspect premises to find hazardous conditions to protect invitees. However, owners do assume a duty to repair or fix hazards that they have actual or constructive knowledge of. If a condition can’t be fixed, invitees must be warned.

Duty to Trespassers

You’re considered a trespasser when you enter a premises without the owner’s consent. Under Maryland law, owners have no duty to protect or warn trespassers.

However, property owners must refrain from intentionally harming individuals who trespass on their premises.

Does Maryland Have an Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

Most states have adopted an attractive nuisance doctrine. Under it, property owners can be liable if a trespassing child suffers injuries due to an attractive nuisance – such as a swimming pool – on their premises. Owners assume a responsibility to protect trespassing children from potential harm. This can be as simple as a requirement to install a gate or lock away toxic materials.

Generally speaking, Maryland has not adopted an attractive nuisance doctrine. Property owners do not assume an additional responsibility to protect trespassing children on their premises. However, owners can be liable in certain situations – such as when a property owner violates a statute intended to prevent serious accidents. For example, an owner with a pool could be liable if a trespassing child got hurt if the owner’s fence didn’t satisfy statutory safety requirements.

We Handle All Types of Premises Liability Cases

At William G. Kolodner Personal Injury Lawyers, we represent clients in premises liability matters involving:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Elevator accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Stair collapse accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Fires
  • Toxic exposure
  • Negligent security
  • Dog bites
  • Falling merchandise accidents

If you believe that you were injured because a property owner was negligent in maintaining their premises, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Our premises liability attorneys in Dundalk can review the details of your story, help you understand your legal options, and answer any questions you have about a legal claim for damages.

What Do I Have To Prove To Win a Premises Liability Lawsuit in Dundalk?

Premises liability claims are a matter of negligence. Ultimately, you’ll have the burden of proving that you got hurt because the property owner (or the person responsible for maintaining the premises) was negligent.

Elements of a successful premises liability claim include:

  • The defendant owned or was responsible for maintaining the premises
  • The defendant owed you a duty of care because of your status as an invitee or licensee
  • The defendant breached this duty of care, which allowed a dangerous condition to exist on the premises
  • You were injured because of this dangerous condition, and
  • You’ve suffered damages.

Evidence including accident reports, medical records, witness statements, safety or health code violations, local crime reports, and video recordings might be useful in building a successful premises liability claim.

What Damages Can I Get in a Dundalk Premises Liability Claim?

In Maryland, you can typically seek compensatory damages through an insurance claim or premises liability lawsuit. 

Compensatory damages include awards for your financial losses (economic damages) and the unexpected life changes and trauma you experience as an accident victim (non-economic damages).

Examples include:

When it comes to putting a value on your premises liability claim, the owner and their insurer will want to control the situation. Our experienced Dundalk premises liability attorneys will fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’ll thoroughly investigate your case and enlist the help of qualified and reputable experts as we work to understand your costs and how your injuries have affected your life. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Maryland Premises Liability Lawsuit?

Under Maryland state law, the statute of limitations for most premises liability lawsuits is three years.

If a family member is killed in a fatal accident on someone else’s property in Dundalk, you’ll also have three years to bring a wrongful death action against the property owner.

Three years might seem like a lot of time, but it doesn’t mean that you should hold off on starting your fight for compensation. A prompt investigation can make a huge difference in the success of your claim. Plus, you risk losing the right to recover compensation if you allow the statute of limitations to expire before taking action.

Protect your legal rights and financial future by calling our Dundalk premises liability attorneys for help right away.

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