Questions To Ask a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Baltimore

Getting injured in a car accident upends your life. Our Baltimore car accident attorneys know you’ll have a lot of questions about your legal rights, your obligations, and, most importantly, how you can get compensated for your expensive medical treatment. 

WGK Personal Injury Lawyers has been helping accident injury victims navigate the complex insurance claims process since 1977. Our Baltimore personal injury attorneys can answer all of your burning questions so that you have the information you need to make critical decisions. 

Selecting an attorney to advocate for you after you’ve been injured in a Baltimore, Maryland, car accident is important. Reach out to us today at (410) 837-2144 to schedule your free initial case evaluation. We’ll take the time you need to ask all your questions and to give you real, straightforward answers.  

How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You after a Baltimore, Maryland Car Accident 

How WGK Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You after a Baltimore, Maryland Car Accident 

Injuries from a car accident don’t just cause you physical and emotional injuries. They also cause financial pain. If someone else’s negligent conduct has caused you all that suffering, our Baltimore car accident lawyers can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.   

WGK Personal Injury Lawyers has more than 100 years of combined experience making car accident injury victims whole again. Our commitment to seeking justice has delivered tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements to our clients.   

When you hire us, we’ll earn your trust by listening to you, answering your questions, and helping you understand the complexities of personal injury law. In order to ensure you’re armed with the knowledge you need to make decisions about your case, we’ll: 

  • Conduct our own independent and exhaustive investigation into your accident 
  • Interview or depose witnesses who may have vital information
  • Collaborate with car accident reconstruction experts, if necessary
  • Determine who was at fault for the accident
  • Accurately calculate your damages
  • Take your case to court if necessary

We’ll also handle all aspects of settlement negotiations with the insurance company. The importance of having a Baltimore, MD, attorney who can effectively negotiate a fair settlement cannot be understated.

The insurance company is only concerned with its own financial bottom line, not your physical well-being. We’ll protect you from common insurance company tactics, such as pinning the blame on you even if you’re faultless.  

Why Asking Your Attorney Questions after a Baltimore Car Accident is Important  

Making critical decisions in your Baltimore car accident case requires you to have an understanding of negligence law, how liability works, and the insurance claims process itself. Informed decisions can go a long way to making sure you get the compensation you deserve. 

Because knowledge is power, we believe that there’s no such thing as a bad question. This is especially true when you’ve been injured in a car accident and are facing expensive medical bills.  

Questions you should be asking an attorney after a Baltimore car accident might include:

  • Does the attorney work on a contingency fee basis?
  • If your own negligent conduct partially contributed to the accident, can you still get compensated for your injuries?
  • What type of damages can you expect to recover?
  • What are your options if the negligent driver doesn’t have insurance?
  • What is your case worth?

You will also want to ask whether or not you should communicate directly with the insurance company. Adjusters may ask you questions that seem harmless, but could be used against you later to limit or deny your recovery. 

For example, they may ask you how you are feeling today. This may seem like small talk to you, but if you say you’re feeling fine, it could undermine your claim for pain and suffering.  

Asking your attorney questions like these can improve your chances of getting fair compensation. However, the answers are only as good as the attorney you’re asking. You can trust WGK Personal Injury Lawyers to provide you with accurate, honest answers.

Why the Answers to These Questions Matter 

Answers to questions like these are important to know upfront because they can determine what legal strategy is best for you. 

For example, under Maryland’s statute of limitations, you generally have 3 years from the date of the accident to sue for your injuries. If you wait too long to consult with an attorney, there may not be much time to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party.

It’s also important that you understand how your own conduct can affect your ability to get compensation for your injuries. Maryland’s contributory fault laws can be harsh. If your own negligence contributed to the accident even by a small percentage, you will be barred from recovering any compensation. 

The more questions you ask, the better position you’re in to help your attorney develop a legal strategy that meets your needs. Reach out to WGK Personal Injury Lawyers to request your free case evaluation. If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, we’ll work tirelessly to hold them accountable. 

If you’ve been hurt in a Baltimore, Maryland, car accident, you have questions, and we have the answers. Unlike many personal injury attorneys, we want you to ask every question you have so that you can help us help you more effectively. 

At WGK Personal Injury Lawyers, you’re not just a case file number. You’re a real person who has real injuries. We’ll always put your legal rights and needs first. 

When your physical and financial well-being depends on getting full and fair compensation for your Baltimore car accident injuries, call us at (410) 837-2144 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll assess your case and provide you with honest answers to your questions.